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    We can trace Xingxin Alloy’s roots back to 2003,but it was established in 2005,handling both the produce and export of many types of special highly purity metal alloys for three years.It is our principle to trade with the people of all countries on the basis of equality and mutual benefit. Under Mr Yu Xiaohui’s leadership the company focuses on two types of products:Magnesium Alloys and Aluminum Alloys.In which,Al-Sc Alloy﹑Mg-Zr Alloy﹑Mg-Nd Alloy have all reached the first-class products’ quality.With the suprior quality and intergrity morality,we adopt the adavanced detect tools and effective manegement modes.On the basis of faultless technics flow﹑stable performance﹑short production cycle﹑uniform alloy distribution,we abtained good reputation from our customers.
We have throughed ISO9001:2000 Certification and also abtainted the Certification of Conformity of Quality System Certification of Military Product Supplier.At this stage our production capacity are :Magnesium Alloy 30 MT per month,Mg-Nd Alloy 25 MT,Al-Sc Alloy 10 MT,Mg-Sr Alloy 10 MT,Mg-Gd Alloy 10 MT,Al-Be Alloy 30 MT and Al-Gd Alloy 10 MT per month.
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